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Excerpt from The Throne Day speech 2003

Tangier, july 30, 2003

"... Our country is living through a period of global transition which requires a strengthening of its capacity to analyse, adapt and anticipate. We have therefore decided to establish a royal institute for strategic studies to undertake this essential mission, so it can be in permanent interaction with changes and be able to understand and act on the profound transformations that are now taking place both domestically and abroad …"

Excerpt from the Message of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to the participants of the international meeting “Climate change: challenges and prospects of adaptation for Morocco”

Rabat, october 16, 2009

"… We are therefore expecting this meeting of IRES to mark the start of a sustained process leading to the emergence of a nationwide expertise regarding the challenges inherent in climate change…”

Excerpt from the speech sent by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to the first conference of ambassadors of His Majesty the King, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation from 30 August to 1 September in Rabat

Rabat, august 30, 2013

“… I also ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, in its search for the necessary analysis and conceptual tools that will enable it to understand the rapid changes occurring in the world, anticipate them better and serve national interests, to take advantage of the expertise and competences available at the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies…”